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Bryce is a member-owned, four-season resort. It is open to the public. However, certain facilities and privileges are reserved for members only. Principal activities are skiing, golf, tennis, mountain adventure activities, water sports on Lake Laura and swimming in our private, members-only sports complex. 

Resort membership offers numerous advantages. For many of our members, the main advantage is that they OWN a share of the Resort and all its properties and are part of a vibrant community. Voting members have a direct say in the management of the facilities. 

Unlike many other resorts, we do not require an initiation fee. Annual dues are $1982.52 per year (Basic Family) or $1274.52 per year (Basic Single). You have the option to purchase activity passes for ski, golf, or a combination of both for yourself, spouse, children, and extended family.For more information contact memberservices@bryceresort.com.

Bryce Golf Course With CreekBasic Membership Yearly Dues

Basic Family:

$1982.52 or $165.21 Monthly

Basic Single:

$1274.52 Annually or $106.21 Monthly

Basic Gold Family (age 75-79):    

$1685.13 or $140.43 Monthly

Basic Gold Single (age 75-79):

$1083.30 or $90.28 Monthly

Basic Gold Family (age 80+):

$1392.67 Annually or $116.06 Monthly

Basic Gold Single (age 80+):

$895.29 Annually or $74.61 Monthly

*Pay for all 12 Months in Advance and Receive a Discount

Membership Applications

For Membership Application contact memberservices@bryceresort.com