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Airplane Taking OffSky Bryce Airport

Bryce is proud to be one of the few destination resorts in the Mid-Atlantic with its own airport!  Pilots and their families enjoy flying in for a round of golf, a day on the slopes, or a zip line tour.  It is an easy 200 yard walk from the tie down area to all of these activities.  If you have access to an airplane, you can fly to Bryce for lunch from another state and still be home for dinner. Once you experience the beauty of our Allegheny getaway, you will want to plan another trip soon!

Red, White & Blue PlaneAirport Information

The pilots' lounge at the airport has been renovated and pilots are welcome to use it. Please enter the VFR Xpdr code to open the door.  The adjacent library has a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Location: N38 degrees 48.957' W78 degrees 46.218' 274 26.6NM from LDN VOR
  • Elevation: 1263'
  • Runways: 05/23, 2240' x 50' Asphalt
  • Pattern: Left, 2400' MSL
  • Use 122.8 MHz to report position & intentions
  • Charts: Cincinnati & Washington


Please note:

  • No scheduled airline or charter service is available
  • Daylight operations only
  • VFR only
  • No student solo
  • No touch & go
  • No fuel
  • Call 800-821-1444 for more information

Sky Bryce Flying Club LogoSky Bryce Flying Club

The Sky Bryce Flying Club has bi-monthly meetings which usually include refreshments. Members and non-members are welcome to attend. To be placed on the email list for upcoming meetings, please send your email address to: skybryceflyingclub@gmail.com. Volunteers are occasionally needed to help with runway maintenance.  If interested in helping, please send an email to the address above.