Bike Park FAQ

Welcome to the Bryce Mountain Bike Park.  What can I expect at the Bike Park?  Can I bring my own bike to the park?  What do I need to wear in the Bryce Mountain Bike Park?

All of these questions are answered below so please take the time to read the following rules & regulations so that your visit to the Bryce Mountain Bike Park will be a great one!!!

What can I expect at the Bryce Mountain Bike Park (BMBP)?

The BMBP is a progressive style bike park.  This means that while there are advanced and jump trails in the park, there are still plenty of riding areas for the first time rider in your family.  The BMBP is designed so that riders as young as an active 10 year old can take advantage of the features.  Our Riding School offers lessons and our "Find Your Bearings" Package to get you up and pedalling through the park with ease.

Can I bring my own bike?

Absolutely!  While we have a full rental fleet from Trek available for you to try out, you can rock your own set of wheels throughout the park provided they meet the following specifications and recommendations:

Bikes must be a Mountain Bike Style Bike - No BMX, Road, Hybrids or Cruisers are allowed in the park

Bikes must have a front and rear brake - No coaster brakes allowed

Brakes must be a V-Style or Disc Brake - No single pivot brakes allowed

Highly Recommend a Minimum of Front Suspension on Personal Bicycles

Recommended a minimum of a 24" Wheel

What do I need to wear while enjoying the BMBP?

From head to toe, you want to make sure you are covered with all of the essential gear to protect yourself during your visit to the Park.  Rental pads and full face helmets are available for rent from our service and rental shop!  Below are the equipment required to join in the fun at the BMBP!

Helmet is required!  - Full Face helmets are available for rent but not required

No Flip-Flops or open-toed shoes

Goggles are not included in our rental packages, however they will be for rent or purchase in our rental and service shop!

I'm parked and ready to ride, now what?

Glad you found your way to Bryce Resort to join us in the fun!  The Bike Park ticket sales and rental area is in the far right building as you are looking up the ski/bike mountain.  Come with your pre-printed online order or purchase your tickets at the ticket window and you are all set to ride for the day!  

Uh Oh! I have a flat tire! Now what do I do?

No worries.  The BMBP has a bike shop with a technician on hand during operating hours each day.  Just bring your bike in and we will be happy to look at it and get you back on the hill as fast as possible!

Is there anything else around to ride besides the lift-accessed trail?

Of course!  Not only will you be allowed to access our Lift-Access terrain with your day pass but feel free to ride the 2 and a half mile Lake Laura Trail which is open to the public at no cost.  Renting a bike from us?  Feel free to take it down to the lake as well and enjoy exploring all of Bryce Resort!

What can I take home to remember my day at the Bryce Mountain Bike Park?

The BMBP has a full service retail area offering all kinds of BMBP logo merchandise and apparel as well as necessary gear for every biker. Need to know prices and details, click here!  And don't forget to check out the Golf Pro Shop right next door for even more logo gear and merchandise!

What happens if it rains during my trip to the BMBP?

Never fear, a little rain has never slowed us down!  Small showers are commonplace during summers in the Shenandoah Valley but the lifts will keep turning as long as there is no lightning present.  If there is lightning in the area, the lifts will shut down for a small safety delay and then begin again once the threat has passed.

For more information, please e-mail us at!